Shaping and Guiding Your Financial Decisions


ATSCPA provides broad expertise and support in business and personal income tax matters for high-net-worth individuals. Our tax planning and compliance services and strengths include the items listed below:

  • Tax return preparation, as well as quarterly projections, designed to maximize tax mitigation, ensure timely filings and protect against interest and penalties, and enable clients to manage their cash flow
  • A focus on planning for the individual as well as the family
  • An emphasis on multiyear tax planning and minimizing alternative minimum tax
  • Representation and support during IRS or state tax audits
  • Representation during the IRS appellate process
  • Extensive experience in corporate executive planning, including retirement analysis, stock options, consulting, and benefits
  • Proprietary 1040 methodology designed to ensure accuracy and facilitate identification of planning opportunities
  • Integrated income tax planning and compliance with partnership, corporation, and charitable entities so that all services are coordinated with an awareness of the total picture
  • Identification of opportunities for tax efficiency within single-stock concentration/diversification issues
  • Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) issues and representation
  • Cost-segregation approach to depreciation
  • Utilization of offshore tax havens
  • Creation of domestic international sales corporations (DISCs)